Posted by: seanv | November 3, 2009

Office Communicator and InterWoven Compatibility

Microsoft released the Office 2007 Cumulative Update for October 2009 which includes an Outlook 2007 hotfix package.  This is of particular interest to any organization that uses a document management system like InterWoven and are looking to deploy Communicator to their end users.  The following bug is resolved in this patch:

You install an Office Outlook add-in to open Microsoft Office Word documents from Outlook 2007. However, when you run Office Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Office Communicator at the same time, you cannot open Office Word documents by running the add-in.

What this fix refers to is the fact that Communicator tends to monopolize the DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) channel to Outlook which prior to this patch caused other applications to fail to execute a call to DDE.  For example, a document management system that uses Outlook to call Word would fail to launch Word because Communicator would be blocking the DDE channel.

Your friendly neighbourhood Exchange Admin.


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