Posted by: seanv | December 9, 2009

BlackBerry Enterprise Server support for Exchange 2010


Today is exactly 30 days after Microsoft released Exchange 2010 globally.  What does this date signify?  Well, Research in Motion promised an update in regards to support for Exchange 2010 on this date.  They not only held true to their word, bur rather they have actually announced a supported configuration!  This configuration is as follows:

Please note that as of the writing of this post, the link to download MAPI/CDO client has not yet been updated to reflect the new version; however, the link will be valid as soon as Microsoft updates the download page.  In addition, configuring the BES to use EWS for calendaring is not accomplished within the BAS (BlackBerry Administration Service), bur rather you need to use TraitTool.exe which comes with the installation media.  For further information on this announcement, please see the Exchange Team post and the following RIM website on Exchange 2010.

Your friendly neighbourhood Exchange Admin.



  1. I’m always searching for brand-new infos in the net about this subject. Thankz!

    • You’re more than welcome.

  2. I am glad you can be so positive about BES 5.0. I was excited.

    I however have a completely different (and mighty colourful) opinion of the software

    Worst. Software. Ever.

    Thanks for your posting, glad to see someone who posts clear and concise information.

  3. Thanks for the feedback and I am sorry to hear about your less than positive experience. I do agree with you on many points about BES 5 (Jboss, Tomcat, etc). However, I believe there are quite a number of advantages in comparison to BES 4 with HA for BES and TCPPING for BAS.

    I read over some of your posts. Although your blog is generally cynical, it is direct, truthful and your opinions are educated. Let’s face it; you are correct that so much in our field deserves such responses. I will be subscribing as I am sure to learn from you.

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