Posted by: seanv | January 24, 2010

Enterprise Vault 8.0 MSCS Upgrade Issue

After a recent upgrade of an Enterprise Vault cluster, I was troubled to discover that all the Enterprise Vault clients believed they were communicating with the pre-upgraded version of the server.  After a little digging, I found that the registry hive HKLM\Software\KVS has reverted to pre-upgrade values.  A quick google then listed the following  bulletin:  It basically states the issue I discovered and how to prevent it from occurring, which is to export the registry key HKLM\Software\KVS after the upgrade and before you turn on the cluster resources.  Once the cluster resources have been brought online, you then import the backup you took. 

This is a great workaround to prevent the issue, but most people upgrading their environment will likely run into this as none of the upgrade guides have been updated to include this information.  Furthermore, no where in this bulletin does it list the steps to perform in order to resolve the issue, therefore I will document it below:

  1. Take the EnterpriseVaultAdminService cluster resource offline for the affected Enterprise Vault Cluster.
  2. Run the applicable installation again from the binaries on all nodes of the cluster.
  3. Before turning the resources online, perform a backup of the HKLM\Software\KVS key.
  4. Turn on the EnterpriseVaultAdminService and EnterpriseVaultDirectoryService cluster resources online.
  5. Check the value of HKLM\Software\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Install\Version and make sure it matches the version of the binaries that you are installing.  If not, then import the registry backup taken in step 3.
  6. Turn the remaining cluster resources online, wait 2 minutes and check the event viewer for any errors.
  7. If no errors are reported, then turn all the resources offline and move the Enterprise Vault resource group to the next node in the cluster.
  8. Repeat steps 3 through 7 on all remaining nodes in the cluster.

The above issue impacts the upgrade of any Enterprise Vault cluster using Microsoft Cluster Services to 8.0 SP1, SP2 or SP3.

Your friendly neighbourhood Exchange Admin.


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