Posted by: seanv | October 21, 2009

Another Blogger joins the Exchange Community

Welcome to my blog.  My goal is really to try and make my posts contain valuable information to the reader.  Being that this is my first time blogging, it might be a learning process for me and I do appreciate your patience.  However, I do enjoy challenges and I am sure that in the long run, this commitment of mine will turn into a positive experience for all.


Now to provide you a little background regarding who I am.  My name is Sean van Osnabrugge and I have been passionate about computers since a young age.  In fact, it probably was the sighting of my father’s first computer, a 286 taking 20 minutes to load a game that somehow captivated my interest.  Ironically, I do not have patience for slow computers and I would not suggest trying to get me to fix your spyware infested computer.  Professionally, I have been working in IT for about 9 years and began to specialize in messaging and communications early on.  Initially I was a jack of all trades, running my own business supporting anything and everything.  I was all over the place implementing and supporting whatever the job called for; I would either know it or learn it.  After I discovered Exchange server, I found my niche and began to specialize.

Exchange Your Career

Exchange is one of those products that you cannot help, but gain respect for.  It may be cliché to make such a statement and I know there are Notes & Groupwise admins out there that still advocate for their respective products in some areas where Exchange has lacked (to those admin that may read this post, please keep an open mind in regards to Exchange 2010). Regardless, just stating the facts alone are compelling enough to become interested.  The vast majority of organizations now use Exchange primarily due to its reliability, feature set and proven maturation (since 1987 with MS Mail).  It has spun off a separate successful product called Communication Server which was part of Exchange 2000.  The Exchange Team themselves are a lively, proactive group with a passion for their product and apparently would be the 9th largest software company in the world if they were separate from Microsoft.  Lastly, being that they are so successful prompted for a massive community!

Now, this is where I come in.  I have always wanted to contribute to this community, but I feel there are so many out there and it is easy to find the answer to almost any topic with a quick google (or bing).  So, what can I contribute?  Well, I am hoping that my experience in the last few years of involvement with TAP/Betas and integrating Exchange and Communication Server with various products may be able to contribute towards some posts/articles that provide assistance.  At least that is the goal.

Your friendly neighbourhood Exchange Admin.


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